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Code of Conduct

Image by Lagos Techie

At CORT we welcome attendees from every walk of life who are interested in learning about religious trauma. Many attendees are themselves in recovery from religious trauma syndrome. To create a safe, harassment-free space for all participants, we draw your attention to the following Code of Conduct required for all attendees, volunteers, guests, speakers, and CORT board members:

CORT management will not tolerate harassment of or harassment by conference attendees in any form, including that which relates to personal appearance, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, or age. This includes remarks, jokes, physical contact, stalking, deliberate intimidation, disruption of talks, or by way of harassing photography or recording.

CORT management welcomes critical discussion of religions. However, harassment of individuals based on their religious beliefs will not be tolerated.

Likewise, conduct which is racist, sexist, homophobic, ableist or transphobic is unacceptable at CORT and will not be tolerated.

CORT management believes that all persons deserve the right to meet and exchange ideas in a safe environment, free of harassment and inappropriate behaviour. We urge all CORT attendees, volunteers, speakers, guests, and board members to use discretion and good judgment when interacting with others. Be polite and respectful, allowing others the benefit of explaining behaviour that you may find confusing, unwelcome, or offensive. Attendees who are requested to stop any prohibited conduct must do so immediately.

Failure to abide by our Code of Conduct will result in expulsion from CORT, without refund, at the discretion of CORT organizers.

CORT management recognizes that the topic of religious trauma can be emotionally triggering. If you need a moment, please step into the hallway and/or seek out one of our volunteers for compassionate assistance.

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